Writing a book

So much has happened since August. Wow! I am still alive don’t worry. I have been somewhat MIA, because of a few projects I am working on. I have a commission and am currently writing a cook book, totally unrelated to art, you may think, but it’s another kind of art, so I have been told by a dear friend of mine, Gillian. I have been getting so many requests to write this book lately, that I have been working privately with my art, photography and concentrating on the book this past month.

So yes I am going to self publish. It’s a part time thing. We all need to eat right? Well I am a diabetic and my health was getting really bad and I started a ketogenic diet. I have been on this diet for over a year and my health just keeps getting better and better. Since August 1st, I have lost 10kg/22lb. Quite amazing!

Well now that I am away from the crazy busy lifestyle, I have time to sit behind my macbook and write up this blog post. I am spending a few weeks on vacation, where I will be taking plenty of photos for my illustrations and just recharge my batteries. Life is good.

I hope you are all doing well. Hopefully I can resume my work after the mini break.
Keep in touch. Let me know how you’re doing here, or on my Instagram.

Toodles and doodles,

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