kookaburra study

I am currently working on a kookaburra painting and the trials and errors have made me realise an important lesson in painting, and that is, less is more and that I have to learn when to stop adding layers of colours.

I have been practicing my watercolouring, and am still deciding which style suits me better: realism or a more illustrative, cute type, sketchy watercolouring style in pastel colours…  I have always loved cute stuff.  I can always do both,  I guess, but I am leaning toward cute at the moment, and cute means small and chubby, baby!

image source: Kookaburra side profile, istock.

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2 thoughts on “kookaburra study

  1. Cute is always better. There is enough realism in life anyway. ◔ ∪ ◔

    (YAY your site is finally up. I’ve been waiting! ᅌᴗᅌ)

    1. Thanks Anca. You have a point. There are a lot of realistic artists out there. Realism is great for learning techniques for now but I definitely want to move into cute ASAP. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. And yay! Website finally up and running again.

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