Last night I had envisioned a flat lay image that I would upload to Instagram. It all looked so perfect in my mind but reality hit me today after I tried replicating the image on my rustic table. I will spare everyone the mental image of my failed attempts. Not a pretty sight, believe me! I will say though, my little kitchen step stool, that I got from IKEA, may be quite handy to reach the top cabinet shelves in the kitchen, but not quite effective with taking photos on an old camera. My camera does not have a swivel screen, nor can I get a live preview from it either. I can only view my photos through the viewfinder, so it can be tricky taking photos with arms stretched up over my head, without an ultra-wide angle lens. I might need to get my analogue fisheye lens to give it a try on another calligraphy artwork. Fisheye lenses or ultra-wide angle lenses are great because your image is always in focus, that should make it easier to photograph and hopefully my big belly won’t get in the way. 50mm was a definite no and this is my achievement with the 35mm. (>.<)

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