Frequently Asked Questions

For commercial inquiries, project proposals and licensing questions, please contact me here.

What materials/equipment do you use?


  • For originals: Hot and Cold-pressed Watercolour paper, various sizes and brands including Canson, Fabriano and Daler Rowney.
  • For prints: Fastprint Gold 200gsm.




What’s your process like?

I generally sketch out an idea first. Once I am happy with the concept and composition, I lightly sketch it on paper. When working with calligraphy, I usually use my light pad with lines underneath my paper to guide me.

Do you work from references or your imagination?

Before I start working on any art piece, it always begins with mental images. I spend many hours conceptualising  ideas before sketching them out. Once I am ready to put my idea to paper, I always use a reference, either physical or a photo reference, to help keep everything in proportion.

How long did it take you to make that?

It depends! Anywhere from 3 hours for a small, simple illustration, to 25+ for a more complex artwork.

Inspirations & Influences:


Nature,  or just about anything I see from my daily life. Oh! And Pinterest!


(in no particular order) Katherine Cheng Franke, Zhang Jingna, Julia StarrFran Meneses, Park Su Jeoung, Waroo,  Suzanne WoolcottDira Gana Mahata and Hiderin5star

Were you artistic as a child?

Yes! I loved to draw with graphite, mostly. My drawings included many koalas!

Did you go to school for art? Do you recommend art school?

I did. I chose Art and Design for a year and later decided to study Biotechnological Engineering. I do recommend taking some art classes, it is very enriching. We should always be learning new things and new techniques, in my opinion.

How did you get started as an illustrator?

It all began with my love of calligraphy and from drawing embellishments. I enjoyed the creative process so much, that I ended up taking illustration more seriously.

Do you have another job?

Freelancing is my only job.

What is a typical work day like?

  • Get up
  • Feed my cat and canary.
  • Clean floor and dust (the life of a pet owner)
  • Shower
  • Artwork
  • Lunch
  • Artwork
  • Dinner
  • Watch TV, play on phone, check emails, social media, crochet
  • Tidy house (clean down surfaces, plump pillows,etc…)
  • Bed

Is your art for sale? Where can I buy it?

Yes! I just opened at Etsy.

Do you do commissions?

Yes, absolutely. Leave me a message and we can discuss particulars.

Can I use your work?

You can only use my desktop wallpapers, for personal use. You cannot use any of my artworks for commercial purposes, and that includes previews.