I am now on Patreon

I have created a page on Patreon to help fund my expenses for art supplies, a small camera for recording video, (my DSLR does not have that function) and a new computer. I also take commissions for refined art which you can message me through my  contact form.

Back to calligraphy

Aloha! This month I have immersed into calligraphy and watercolouring once more. It has been quite a while since I have seriously handwritten anything. Oh God!

My first attempts where quite sad, to be honest. I had completely lost my calligraphy skills, so I thought, but no, it is like riding a bike…well… almost, I did “stumble” quite a bit while writing. To seriously begin this new endevour, I bought new brush pens, paint brushes, a new water colour set (more professional >.<), all sorts of paper and an awesome novelty item: nibs. I had bought nibs and pen holders while I was in senior high school, in Portugal, after leaving Australia. I bought my first supplies at the famous flea market, the “feira da ladra” in Lisbon. My attempts were so bad, sadly I moved on to using pens with cartridges and practiced my Cursiva and Gothic lettering with Rotring Art Pens all the way through my university days.

I first fell in love with calligraphy in Sydney, Australia. There was an art store at the end of my street, where I would wander into, and look at all the beautiful art supplies. There was a book there that caught my attention, it was a calligraphy book, I bought it and started on my calligraphy adventure; I was 13 at the time, and just started high school. I didn’t have many friends back then, because we had just moved away from the city suburbs. I would spend many of my afternoons practicing lettering. Back then I used tracing paper, a pencil and technical radiograph and isograph pens, (used by architects for drafting) to ink all my letters. How times have changed!

The reason why I bought several new supplies this month  was because two friends of mine from deviantArt: Gillian Ivy and Anne Elster started a calligraphy/word art challenge. I knew at that time, that I had to join in and rekindle my calligraphy passion once more, but this time I would retry dip pens. I stuck with it and love it so much that I even want to draw with them. Dip pens are awesome!

In future blog posts, I will be sharing my experiences with you and let you know exactly which supplies I use and which I prefer to use.