With my health on the mend, I feel a whole new calm. I have never felt so good. I have been cleansing my body and quit sugar since June 2015 and I am no longer food oriented or worried about it damaging my health any more. Just by quitting sugar and grains, I no longer feel pain. There is a new calm in my life. Lagom is the new calm and balance. Lagom is Swedish for moderate balance, but it also has an undertone of “not too much or too little” as well as “just right” or “just enough of.” So it pretty much sums up the feeling you get with minimilsm. How many times have you gone through a home decorating magazine to find how much you like a room with simplicity and wondered how much you like that look. Why is that? I think it looks beautiful and translates peace and coziness. You don’t need too many things and too much translates into confusion and chaos. Scandinavians achieve this balance in their simplistic decor.

When I moved to the Netherlands, I discovered the term “gezellig” which in Dutch means coziness, a nice atmosphere that can be shared with other people, its what Dutch use to express that warm atmosphere you share with friends or fasmily. I recently discovered the Danish equivalent: “hyggelig” or simply “hygge” and through the Danish Hygge, an old colleague from high school, Donna Barlow, back in Sydney, introduced me to the Swedish term: “Lagom”. We may not have such a dedicated word for hominess or coziness that actually translate to these Scandinavian words but we should definitely introduce this into our lives. Find ways to remove the stress, starting in the home, being with friends, going out for tea or coffee somewhere with a cozy atmosphere. Reserve quality time for yourself, love yourself, love others, love what you do, bring meaning to life. Spread the love, say something nice to others, do something nice. Stop. Reset. Heal. We all need to step back every now and then and recharge our batteries. A happier you will translate into a happier environment for all those around you.

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It’s been 5 months…

How time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it has been 5 months since my last blog post. What have I been up to all these months? Reading, learning, practicing my calligraphy, sketching and of course the cook book project and photography. Now that my book is well under way, I have started reserving a little extra time for my art. This break has been great to put things into perspective and I have so many ideas that I want to put onto paper, including some new characters and possibly one based on Napoleon and a girl with purple hair. Who ever could it be? * wink* :giggles:

I also closed shop at Etsy due to fees. When you’re starting your career as an illustrator, Etsy may not be the best option, as I learned the hard way. Live and learn. I’ll leave Etsy for a later stage. For now I am enjoying my current projects and calligraphy is so relaxing and fun to do.

That’s it from me for now… I will be more active here in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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Writing a book

So much has happened since August. Wow! I am still alive don’t worry. I have been somewhat MIA, because of a few projects I am working on. I have a commission and am currently writing a cook book, totally unrelated to art, you may think, but it’s another kind of art, so I have been told by a dear friend of mine, Gillian. I have been getting so many requests to write this book lately, that I have been working privately with my art, photography and concentrating on the book this past month.

So yes I am going to self publish. It’s a part time thing. We all need to eat right? Well I am a diabetic and my health was getting really bad and I started a ketogenic diet. I have been on this diet for over a year and my health just keeps getting better and better. Since August 1st, I have lost 10kg/22lb. Quite amazing!

Well now that I am away from the crazy busy lifestyle, I have time to sit behind my macbook and write up this blog post. I am spending a few weeks on vacation, where I will be taking plenty of photos for my illustrations and just recharge my batteries. Life is good.

I hope you are all doing well. Hopefully I can resume my work after the mini break.
Keep in touch. Let me know how you’re doing here, or on my Instagram.

Toodles and doodles,


Waiting for watercolour to dry is… well… boring, especially when you are new at painting, and all you want to do is paint as much as you can, without having to wait for your paper to dry.

I overdid this painting, yet again, but at least I didn’t overdo it with the shadows and layering with watercolour. I now use coloured pencils to add some extra colour and texture. I will get the hang of these techniques, with time. I just have to learn to be patient and practice, practice, practice.

image source: Kookaburra side profile, istock.

kookaburra study

I am currently working on a kookaburra painting and the trials and errors have made me realise an important lesson in painting, and that is, less is more and that I have to learn when to stop adding layers of colours.

I have been practicing my watercolouring, and am still deciding which style suits me better: realism or a more illustrative, cute type, sketchy watercolouring style in pastel colours…  I have always loved cute stuff.  I can always do both,  I guess, but I am leaning toward cute at the moment, and cute means small and chubby, baby!

image source: Kookaburra side profile, istock.